'A Responsive Partner'
PSAP Director

“Before CRS, we did not have a partnership with our recording solution provider. The vendor was not local, and we had to plan for critical support onsite when needed, and it wasn’t a viable relationship. CRS values and understands what it means to be a partner and demonstrates knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness.” 

'The Most Knowledgeable'
CRS Client

“We have worked with several vendors over the years to support our recording solution.  Of all the vendors we have worked with, CRS is the most knowledgeable and responsive in supporting our mission critical communication recording.” 

'Peace Of Mind'
CRS Client

“CRS provides me with the peace of mind knowing that our recording solution works as expected.” 

Recent Survey Results
Independently Conducted

“Our customers tell us that we are the most responsive and professional of their critical systems vendors. Our customers require the recording of mission critical communications 24x7x365 and they rely on our team to ensure it works. We are able to support this because we have more certified recording system specialists in the Southeast than any other vendor that focuses exclusively on critical communications recording.“

'Works As Expected'
CRS Client

“Our communications center has a lot of technology that is required for us to support the interests of public safety for our community.  I rely on and trust CRS to ensure our recording solution works as expected.“

'A True Partner'
CRS Client

“CRS is a true partner and who I trust with supporting our communications recording solution.“

'Personable and Professional'
Emergency Communications Director

“Out of every vendor I have worked with over 26 years, CRS is the best. Every interaction is always very personable and professional, making me feel as if I was their only customer.”

'In Person Service'
CRS Client

“CRS believes in providing high touch and in person service.  They are responsive and professional in all interactions, which makes a difference.”

'Never Have To Worry'
CRS Client

“I have a relationship with the sales and support team of CRS.  I know members of their support team and never have to worry about who to contact or if my issues will be resolved quickly.”