PSAP & Public Safety

Our communication recording systems have a long, successful track record as the logging recorder of choice for 9-1-1, EMS and other mission-critical applications, with 1000+ installations and quickly growing.

Airports & Transportation

Our recording solutions integrate with virtually every platform on the market allowing us to work seamlessly with mass transit partners, as well as airports and many other transportation providers.
Manufacturing Industry Recording Solutions

Private Sector & Manufacturing

Recording solution provide protection from liability and assistance to local law enforcement that can prove vital.

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

CRS’s recording solutions are designed to address the specific needs of the healthcare industry.

Military Applications

Government agencies at all levels demand high levels of security and dependability. Throughout its long history, CRS has provided high-end recording solutions to its partners in the military.
Recording Systems for Utilities


Tracking and recording the multitude of communications used by public utilities is vital. Communication and dispatch centers are used to ensure that regulations are met and policies and procedures are followed.


Many campuses across the country have their own emergency communication centers on-site to help in keeping their student body and employees safe.

Other Industries

Whether your business is a port, a shipyard, a mining operation or anything else where recording is vital, Carolina Recording Systems is a partner you can trust.